Simon Tran aka ghost ghost teeth

Born-Long Beach, CA

Currently residing-Menlo Park, CA


Solo Exhibitions:


Unquiet Form, Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA, September 1st, 2018

Swaddle and Surrender, Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA, March 19th, 2016

It all seeped into the ground, Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA, March 14th, 2015 

Pass Along Ruins, Third Floor Atrium, Kroeber Hall, U.C. Berkeley, CA August 28th, 2014

Catharsis & the Undertow, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA, November 30th, 2013

Featured Artist, Urban Outfitters Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, January 15th, 2013

We Are the Monolith, Analigital Gallery, San Fernando, CA, November 10th, 2012

Swimming Through Fevered Dreams, Vera Project, Seattle, WA, May 10th, 2012

The Blood, the Snake, & the Fear, Grace Aberdean, Tuscaloosa, AL, March 2nd, 2012

Amongst the Spirits, Home Room Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, January 14th, 2012

The Haunted, Hoom Room Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, September 23rd, 2011 (solo mural installation)

Come Back to Who You Are, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA, June 22nd, 2011 (solo mural installation)

Flyin' Solo, Pehrspace Gallery, Los Angeles. CA, October 9th, 2010

on an endless quest with a goal i cannot define, Air Castle Gallery, San Francisco. CA, April 17th, 2010


Selected Group Exihibitions:

Antidotes to Confusion, Southern Exposure, August 12th, 2021 (group)

To Make Home, NIAD, Richmond, CA April 1st, 2021 (group, co-curated with Kari Simonsen)

Invincible California, UC Berkeley Art Alumni Exhibition, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA, February 19th, 2020 (group)

Member's Show, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, January 11, 2020 (group)

Better, Better, NIAD Art Center, Richmond, CA, April 6th, 2019 (2 person with Kari Simonsen)

All That Glitters, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, February 26th, 2019 (juried by Walter Maciel)

Member's Show, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, December 15 2018 (group)

Spectra, Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO, May 3rd 2018 (group)

Generation, The 2018 UC Berkeley Art Alumni Exhibition, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA February 24th, 2018 (group)

Chromatic, Alto Gallery, Denver, CO, February 16th, 2018 (group)

Grand Opening Show, SOLA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, July 29th, 2017 (group)

All Hands on Deck, Sound and Sea Gallery, Long Beach, CA, July 28th, 2017 (group)

Happy Paintings to Bring Mirth, The Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA, May 13th, 2017 (group)

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series regional finalists, The Midway, San Francisco, CA, October 27th 2016 (juried) 

Magic Curry Jungle, Teros Gallery, San Diego, CA, September 1st 2016 (two person)

Suture, Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO, August 4th 2016 (4 person)

Got it for Cheap, Agnes B’s Galleri du Jour, Paris, France, July 21st , 2016 (group)

Spectrum Gestalt 3, BG Gallery, Santa Monic, CA, June 18th, 2016 (group)

Got it for Cheap, Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, May 20th, 2016 (group)

Got it for Cheap, Haik HQ, Oslo, Norway, May 19th, 2016 (group)

Stay Sharp, Station, Denver, CO, March 5th, 2016 (group)

New Geography, Carlos Queso Gallery, Echo Park, CA, February 6th, 2016 (2 person) with Kari Simonsen

Overloaded, K Gallery at Rhythmix Cultural Center, Alameda, CA, January 9th, 2016 (group) Curated by Daniel Nevers

Rituals + Remembrance, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA, October 9th, 2015

The Vera Project: 14 years of True and Sincere Friends, Seattle City Hall, Seattle, WA, July 2nd, 2015

Journey into the Other, Flat Color Gallery, Seattle, WA, May 7th, 2015 (group)

Wendy Sussman Prize in Painting Show, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA, April 8th, 2015 (2 person)

Vanity Projects Residency, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA, March 28th, 2015 (3 person)

Post Glitter, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA, December 3rd, 2014 (group)

Artists Across America, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA August 2nd, 2014 (group)

Pandamonium, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA, June 7th, 2014 (group)

Last Call: Make it Last, Honors Exhibition, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA, April 30th, 2014 (group)

Envisioning Human Rights: The Next Generation, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, April 22nd, 2014 (group)

6x6, The Phone Booth Gallery, Long Beach, CA April 5th, 2014 (group)

The Season of Spring, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA, March 1st, 2014 (group)

Orgone Accumulators, BG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, February 7th, 2014 (group)

Faux Show, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA, November 13th, 2013 (Group)

Inaugural Show, Terminus., Oakland, CA, October 4th, 2013 (Group)

Tension & Release, Kroeber Hall Third Floor Atrium, Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, CA, August 30th, 2013 (3 person) 
Get Yer Flag On, Grasshut Gallery, Portland, OR,  July 5th, 2012 (group)
Super Tetricide, Home Room Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, June 23rd, 2012 (group)

Shaq Jizz, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA, April 14th, 2012 (group)

The Black Plague Will Swallow Us, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA, October 8th, 2011 (curator) (group)
Sinne, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA, August 13th, 2011 (group)
Dewey and the Decimals, Pehrspace, Los Angeles. CA, April 9th, 2011 (curator) (group)
Picture Con Secuencia, Echo Curio. Echo Park, CA, November 12th, 2010 (group)
How the Lamb Destroyed the World, The Strange, Los Angeles. CA, October 22nd, 2010 (curator) (group)
Bellows from Freak Island, The Strange, Los Angeles. CA, August 13th, 2010 (curator) (group)
I Was Lost and Washed Up On the Shore, Shelter Gallery, Long Beach. CA, January 31st, 2009 (2 person)
a lonely place like here, Transit, San Mateo. CA, August 24th, 2007 (2 person)




 BA in Art Practice, U.C. Berkeley, Spring 2015




 2014 Wendy Sussman Prize in Painting, U.C. Berkeley

2014 Phelan/Toombs Award, U.C. Berkeley

2014 Honors in Art Practice, U.C. Berkeley 



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Capital One Art Collection


Art Educator Experience :

Artist in Education Program Manager, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA- 2019-current

Lead teaching artist-Mission Voices youth arts program, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA- July -August 2016

Teaching artist-painting, mixed media, installation-Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA -October-June 2015

Teaching artist assistant-Mission Voices youth arts program,  Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA- July-August, 2015

Teacher's assistant to John McNamara, Language of Painting, University of California, Berkeley, CA- January-May 2015

Second grade art teacher through UCB Bridging The Arts program at Coronado Elementary, Richmond, CA- January-May 2015


Various Art Experience:

Gallery Manager-Berkeley Art Center-2019-2021

Dragon School 99-Muralist-2018-2020 

Scenic artist assistant to Glynn Bartlett-U.C. Berkeley theater Department-spring 2015 

Mural assistant to Alicia McCarthy- Absolut Open Canvas-August 2013

Lead art curator-Perhspace, Echo Park, CA 2011-2012 


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